Dependent Women are Good Women

August 18th, 1920

The date the 19th amendment was ratified, the day women received the right to vote, to express their voice, to make change.  A day that should have never happened. A woman’s place isn’t within the city or the businesses, but rather in the kitchen and the home.  Modernized roles of women must not be acknowledged, instead the idea of a traditional and dependent woman is one that must become an ideal.

A woman belongs nowhere besides the house. The radical idea women deserve the chance to have a job they enjoy is a concept that must be put down.  An example is Hillary Clinton who ran for president in 2016.  In the history of the United States we have never had a woman president, and now in the 21st century is no time to start.  I mean who are we kidding, a woman president? Hillary Clinton should go back to her home in the state of New York and be the wife,mother, and grandmother her family needs, not wasting her time arguing for policies that simply don’t  make sense.   Women need to stay to their traditionalist values and be the model wife and mother a family needs, without a woman staying true traditional ideals our society will be full of independent women, which is a crazy idea. If we want our society to stay on track women need the know their place and rights.


Source: Buzz Machine

Women also continue to fight for rights, rights that they already have. One example of this is reproductive rights.  They need to realize they already have the right to have a child, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to enjoy federally funded birth control.  They need to realize that they need to be thankful for the blessing of having a child.  After all, who wouldn’t want to be expected to take care a of a child and put their career on hold?  Women continue to fight only to cause a stir, not to actually cause change.  Do women actually think that marching for “rights” will bring change? Recently, on January 21st, 2017 there were women’s marches across the globe.   If all of these women were doing work or at home running a successful household, maybe they can actually create change.  They could create change by raising a successful new generation instead of dwelling on rights they already have.


Source: Women’s March Resources 

Source: Tomi Lahren’s Youtube Channel 

Often women claim that they don’t receive equal pay as men for the same work.  I mean first off all women need to accept that the work they do will never be as important or great as a man’s work. Secondly, the idea of a wage gap is a straight up myth, and this concept must be accepted by women across the nation.  One example of where crybaby women complain about their supposed unequal pay is in the professional women’s soccer sector.  Women athletes are unthankful for the opportunity they are receiving and continuously complain of a supposed wage gap.   Women will receive equal pay the moment they start doing equal work.

Source: Youtube

America wants women to live a life that focuses on the home and raising a family.  The concept of a woman’s life being chosen for them is key because of the fact that it will not allow their minds to wander to thoughts of having an independent life.  After all, dependent women are good women.


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