The Way of Life


Our world is a diverse and interesting place.  Everyone is different and everyone has a story.  In my English course we have recently been talking about stories, which led to me to begin thinking of the origin of stories.  What causes a story, and how is it influential?  Everyone in our world, has something we don’t know about them, yet we feel we have the right to judge someone.

Our opinion about others affects them so much, unfortunately.  We allow others thoughts about us matter more than what we think about ourselves.  This way of life needs to be reversed, so that the way we feel about ourselves is the only true opinion that matters.   In order to be successful, I believe, you first have to love yourself.  Loving yourself at times can be hard to do but a task we must try and accomplish.  Every day when I wake up I have to continue to tell myself that I am intelligent, that I am beautiful inside and out.  Without reinforcing these thoughts my mind can slip into a negative mindset which will only set me back.  We have to promote positive and healthy mindsets in order to be a functioning society.  We have to promote an environment that allows people to be themselves.  Two years ago, I fought to stay positive through some hard times, many friends chose to move on without me, and it felt as if the darkness was filling me, however my family never left my side.  They kept the positive thoughts flowing when I felt alone.  This is just one example of how important having a source of positive thoughts is, it’s what kept  what me going.


Photo source: Psych Central 

The other night I was chatting with some friends about our futures and our goals in life.  They assume I will be a successful politician because that is all I have ever talked about, it is apart of my story, it’s suppose to be who I am.  This is an example of how people assume they know you, however do they know that my passion has shifted and that I am anxious to tell them because it could change their opinion about me?  As a group our world too often decides what someone wants for themselves before the person themself even knows.  Everyday a person is developing, new interests sprouting.  The habit must be broken of assumption, we have to start allowing everyone to decide their own story, becoming the person they want to be.

The point I’m trying to make is that it is important to stay true to ourselves no matter what, even when you have a room full of people against you, just keep being you.  Let people make assumptions, but don’t allow yourself to believe the untrue ones.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”-Bernard M. Baruch






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