Living the Life


The pressure amounts everyday.  Surrounded by opinions that one day will be long forgotten, however today they make or break everything.  In high school I feel as if I can’t make a single decision without it being scrutinized. However, I must keep in mind that no matter what the sun will still rise, and the sun will still set.  Just one example is  not playing soccer for high school anymore, which has changed my path and the way people look at me.  Some could call me a quitter but do those people really know me?  I’ve never been happier, not having a negative influence in my life has helped bring on a positive mindset.  Here’s the thing, in life most people live a life others want for us however, sometimes you have to step in and change your path.  We all want to live the life.  No one else knows what that life is except for yourself.  Through many experiences one will discover this certain ideal of life.  It is inherently important to discover a life that you are content with.  Now whatever life you lead one key thing is to always take risks.  Live on the edge.  If one never takes risks how will they now the limit, and by pushing the envelope consistently opportunities will appear.   Without risk there is no growth.  Without risk there is also no discovery of oneself.

I often test the limits.  One bad habit I have is denying a doctor’s diagnosis.  Tending to not believe them gets me in trouble.  But that is a risk I am willing to take in order to maintain my happiness.  There’s just something about doctors that make me skeptical.  Recently, I injured my back pretty badly, messing up my disk alignment, or so they say.  Five doctors later  and my issue is still up in the air.  One thing they all told me: Stop playing until it goes away.  This simply isn’t an option for me, without soccer what would my life be. I would be nothing more than a consistently stressed out 16-year-old who enjoys politics, and strives to live in Virginia.

Not allowing people to decide my life for me is both a strength and a weakness.  Being stubborn causes me to have the ability to not allow people to walk over me.  You cannot allow others to chose your life for you.  If this is how you live your life it will be miserable.  This past week I volunteered for Assisteens, a charity league.  While working, one of the other volunteers wanted to make a decision that wasn’t very bright, and would end badly for both of us.  I made the decision to step away from the situation and do the right thing.

If you have the chance to, change your fate, it can only benefit you in the long run.


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